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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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the second. >> and if he could check a date and 4 weeks will land us on november 30th. >> so it's a pretty full calendar but we should put it there. >> can i ask one question you said public notice we sent a meanwhile to all neighborhood groups and the people interested in legislation. >> the folks. >> the folks didn't get f that i mean. >> certainly the folks in the room you're hearing me saying this i'm putting it on your backs to get to our constituents if they have an issue he'll send out an e-mail but get out the
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word is that clear mr. star. >> commissioner antonini. >> i'll support this but admonish the speakers to come back to staff if you feel there are things that are different i want them to be substantive they've been researched and are, in fact, changes that are occurring not only changes but, in fact, we find out they're not changes but let's have a dialog in 4 weeks and hopefully something to support on the 30th. >> commissioners we have a motion and a second to continue this matter to november 30th commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson no commissioner richards commissioner fong and
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commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 4 to 2 with commissioner johnson and commissioner fong voting take a 15 minute break. >> good morning welcome to the for planning commission regular hearing october 23, 2014, i'd like to remembered members that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind devices. and and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'll have to ask those of you standing please find a seat please thank you very much commissioners we left off on item 11 for 436 central after a conditional use authorization. >> commissioner hillis i need to ask for a are you custodial i
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live on the same block. >> move to recuse commissioner hillis. >> on that motion commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner richards commissioner fong and commissioner president wu thank you, commissioners you are here by recused. >> good afternoon mary radius woods of departmental staff this is for a prior conditional use authorization that was approved in 2007 in order for the sponsor to extend the hours of operation from an overnight shelter to a daytime street light the cu is required because the project site is in a residential place a
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they've addressed the issues and some of the issues already incorporated in the draft motion under the conditions of approval such as a loiter and garbage cans and liaisons the neighbors have raised the additional noise in the backyard so if the commission would like to explores that as a condition it probation officer would be up to the commission to make the recommendation the departments recommendation to approve with conditions since last week the department has 28 letters no support and 28 in oceanic this conclude my sxhurm the project i'll be happy to answer any questions thank you. >> i see supervisor breed's
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office here do you want to make a comment now. >> i have words from supervisor breed's optimum molly bro supervisor aid good afternoon. i'm here to speak on the diamond use shelter and receive a permit for a twenty-four hours shelter she understands the impact of losing state and federal funding if the diamond street light lose it's license because nights not operating 24/7 she supports the use citywide and has worked for shelters and looking at creative ways for affordable housing but she is very much aware of neighbors concerned the neighbors lack of confidence in
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the dynamiamond shments she's a for regular hearing and the change of hours and to open the communication lines with the neighbors an opportunity for neighbors to address their issues with the staff and look for ways to resolve them last cycle she got ad hoc funds to hire a manager to be the good to person for the issues coming up i'm here today not to oppose or lend support to the twenty-four hours permit but here to support the neighbors concerns and ask larkin diamond shelter to work with 9 neighbors and i'll be here for a little bit if you have any other questions or
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concerns. >> project sponsor. >> good afternoon commission i'm sheryl and i have the folks with me, you have before you as the staff said a request to modify our conditional use permit to go twenty-four hours over the past several of years this promoted the need to change that larkin helps the youth we've been operating this shelter for 21 years and that has been in this site for thirty years for nonprofits we've been operating sort of 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. as part of the
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conditional use and asking for teaspoons services we've been doing night time services at the shelter and daylight savings time services at our other shelter they want those services twenty-four hour in one site and to be licenses in corneas with their state listening requirement to address that the state has created a legislation drafted to create a category for london's underage shelter and the design of those categories and they should be out for the 24/7 to be operating in one location they serve up to 18-years old and when we learned buyout change we began to hold
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meetings with the neighbors in 2012 we've continued to outreach to the neighbors as we have gained for federal and state changes and began nor expensive outreach to the neighbors in july as a protective aid said we've been meeting with the neighbors monthly and continue with the meetings regardless of the boards decision today, we also sent out e-mail noifrgsz to everybody in the larsen street supporters and we mailed letters about the hearing and about community meeting we've held another diamond the list the 3 hundred square feet radius from the planning department and held two we also invited people within larkin street to change
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the hours that list went out to 3 hundred folks to novice them and going come to a defunct i contingent meeting we've made concessions and agreements with the neighbors for our concerns and going to reduce the maximum number of folks to 16 so we currently have up to 20 young people at the shelter we're happy to agree to 16 and happy to include language in our operations plan that specification the maximum length of stay not to exceed 90 days in an engrossment period and to codify with the plan we've provided them, no september that we will up hold to that operations plan is effect to what is required by the state and we'll be held accountable for the operations plan
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i think as was note we've had strong support a number of people in support of the shelter for 24/7 and have a pact that includes letters of sport including from folks throughout san francisco the san francisco firefighters local 798 and the san francisco youth coalition and one hundred postcards we've received in support of our application now i'm going to turn it over to dennis necessary. >> good afternoon. i'm dennis us the manager the diamond shelter it is a sanctuary it provides us with times to have solutions for the folks he recently we've got 0 youth that
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ran away and had no support was rejected especially thrown away in the process of trying to find a safe place was sex low violated she looked for a place to equip her and diamond was that place she's in our continuous care in the residential program and connected to a support system that she didn't have before this is one of the many stories at diamond and shows how diamond impacts a lot of the kids in san francisco in response to the neighbors that want to be the consistent process at diamond we're in the afternoon and evening there to be there to connect with the neighbors to answer their
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questions and concerns even just the feedback from the community i community with them flyers at the local coffee shops and be a face for them if they have questions. >> and i wanted to add one of the concerns we've had over time in addition to folks in the neighborhood feeling like 124 was hard to have a face on larkin street we're open 8 to 8 i manage a location but having denice under we have an ongoing issue for education to make sure that our staff are in good part of the community we've been addressing training over the past several years and added a
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staff for training counseled to work with the young people and be effective ambassadors within the community i community this is an important concern they need someone to talk to. >> we'll open for public comment (calling names). >> thank you, madam chair i'll represent my colleague he had to leave but i'm heavy to say that how nice it is to say commissioner richards that's a neighbor colleague i have the privilege of working for the mayors director of housing partnerships and engagement to know we have several homes 34 hundred are living on the
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streets of city every two years we had a homelessness count and in 2012, we identified 9 through 14 homelessness young people in san francisco and we're no where near at that recognize without providing housing and support those young people will live lives of homelessness a young man george i've known for symptom he lived at the diamond youth shelter and is now living in one the permanent sites that is operated by larkin street i worked as a supervisor when we opened the paramount hotel is now a master lease we have over 20 young adults how dedicated larkin street is that being said
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people feel conflicted about homelessness overall the effect of limiting it on the sacrifices and making the problems more impactful and having the young people becoming for mental illness having the twenty-four hour facility it helps us if you look through the log book of complaints people are waiting outside and other youth waiting to come in and being on the sidewalks i know that as a result of twenty-four hours it will change we're open 74 hate street people have moved into the building i'm appreciative we're spending a lot of time with the planning department and there's a lot of issues around
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the facilities and i'm very committed to that and pledge to go to the next meeting and problem solver. >> if i've called our nominate names with all due respect and the next speaker can come to the podi podium. >> if your name has been called feel free to address the commission. >> good afternoon. my name is a roy francis i've been a volunteer at the street 4th of july services for 22 years on a weekly basis i check in on the street among my duties are
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keeping the greens green and making lots of cookies for the staff from 12 years of age my younger sister and i lived in a house but no adult supervision mom was committed to a state hospitals and my experiences are mild compared to street clients have faced i understand how important it is to have a safe place to stay to help them become responsible citizens i do yours the conditional use for diamond center that provides services for homelessness youth thank you.
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>> good afternoon. my name is a costco a resident in san francisco and i live in the castro area i've also been a volunteer at the larkin street services for 2 years the youth come for the same reasons we came to san francisco we came here because it's welcoming and diverse but san francisco for all it's diversity is a depressing place but larkin services picks them up a place for skills to live that independently i think it's imperfect the commission approve the new conditional use to maintain the critical services to homelessness youth here in
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san francisco. >> thank you. next speaker. good afternoon commissioner i'm phil i'm a businessman here in san francisco and community volunteer i've been an active and participate active larkin street supporter i was actively involved on larkin street when we took over the diamond center i've seen us operating the whole time we've owned it i chaired the capital caption about five or six years ago raised almost $5 million to take the old awful building down to the sand and build a new building for a warm and high-class community a positive edition to the neighborhood
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diamond is at the core of the programs at larkin street offers if you are a 17 year-old run away and your homelessness and you come if the robert district we asking can get you off the street tonight so obviously super duper important to us how we're able to continue to operate this shelter when we did the capital caption we had absolutely no way of knowing and no idea that the state regulations were going to change the reason we're here solely because those regulations changed and it's important to be able to continue to operate those facilities with that in mind you have our commitment to do our best to be a good neighbor we'll try to get it
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right and appreciate you approve the conditional use on that thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm laura powell i'm the board chair at the larkin street services most important i'm the neighbor living right there in the hate ashbury neighborhood i think this is important to recognize that larkin street has operated for 21 years and successfully provided shelter for thousands of young people we want to continue and i'm proud that larkin street has been able to be a good neighbor and we still if we don't get it right one hundred percent of the time but work hard and listening to some of the meeting we're doing our best i'm also proud to stand
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with individuals in support of diementdz hampton ton center and skate club and firefighters local 798 and the youth advocacy organization so again, we want to continue to operate and we need to operate 24/7 thank you. >> thank you as the next speaker comes up i'll call for names (calling names). >> hi good afternoon. i'm an advocate of diamond and an example of a long are term reach person i was a runaway and introduced to larkin street at the age ever 14 i can impress
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upon you the impact of having a safe place to sleep and have on the direction and development of a young person i'm far from alone in a number of formerly 4th of july who have come to the doors of larkin street have gunning gone on to pursue higher education and the service we organizations are critical not only in the need of survival for young person but in her opinion the contribution to the larger community that those young people can come to drive in a conditional use permit will ensure those services continue for current and future use that access them and we hope you'll support that as well thank you.
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>> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners and madam chair i'm 22 years old i'm a lawyer kin street client not part of the dynamic shelter but n in support of them i believe this motion will help our younger peers they have to go to school through the tenderloin and being able to stay there during that time this will help our youth you know, i building in america's like the biggest place people have said america's future is our youth we will help them out and giving them a place to stay twenty-four hours a day where they feel safe i arrived identified in late
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june off the streets and given a permanent bed at the larkin emergency street shelter on larkin street living in the tenderloin i've realized a lot of things they possess something that people don't being in the minority and the different give me graphics we have on larkin street they have wealthy and i believe in giving them american people opportunity to have this safe place so they'll do better things it's our responsibility as grownups to make the best decisions for them of it goes against what we think might not work i believe in larkin street they have intelligent minds and are there for the good of the community so it might not work as a fellow person said it took
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me 4 months to reach where i'm at and i believe in my peers it would be such is a great motion for you guys to back that up i guess api i'll be so happy i guess (laughter) thank you. >> next speaker >> hi i'm dan rerldz a long time resident i oppose the plan one thing i have is a letter from one of the neighbors that couldn't make it she wanted me to give it to you guys i'll give a little bit of background i have not been there's sin 85 only 16 years but the original neighbors said it was run by catholic charities when they
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pulled the original permit they were told it was number one transferable only catholic charities i think the state had to make the permit go would the building so anyways larkin bought the little and transferred the permit for the shelter fast forward to 2007 when they got the permit to rebuild the knowledge some of the neighbors were suspicious they were going to change the hours to 24/7 so we got a permit from supervisor ross and they agreed to not change the hours to have our support for their building of they're new facility so an agreement i guess isn't being kept and i know they say
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it's out of their hands but from a prospective it's difficult to shallow i guess i guess that's it we appreciate what they do we wanted to see our prospective from a neighbor. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm amy and i'm - i am here in opposition to the expansion as dan mention i was also there during the meetings when we met about it not being expanded back when the building was being improved and rebuilt has someone that works in children's height i know it's important for children to have a safe place to
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go but also the children on the block and the community when i first moved in there, there was no children living in the neighborhood or at least on any block now i'm happy to see little kids running around on the sidewalk that worries me i see children with when we come out in the morning there are kids in the shelter marcus books on the street or sitting open stoops and it worries me tyler being exposed to more of that i'm afraid t if it runs twenty-four hours that will only increase as a supporter of them staying open and being a shelter for the youth another night it also is saddeneng

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